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AwsomeCord brings fun, security and competitiveness!

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Music Functions

AwsomeCord comes along with various music commands, such as play, resume, shuffle and many more! However, this bot also has applicable music-filters! All current filters: Bassboost -Vaporwave -Phaser -Vibrato -Treble -Surrounding -Subboost -Flanger -Haas -8D -Nightcore -Tremolo -Reverse -Normalizer -Pulsator -Karaoke -Gate -Mcompand

Moderation Functions

AwsomeCord also comes with many different moderation commands. All the actions that are being taken by your moderators/admins are being logged 24/7 in a certain mod-logs channel. Because of this, the admins can no longer abuse their powers and randomly perform actions against members. It results in a way more secure server, for your server as well for your members!

Ranking and Game Functions

AwsomeCord also comes with many ranking features. Users can easily check their level and rank, and even the leaderboard! This will turn your light-hearted discord server into a hard-minded competitive battlefield! Besides that, the new AwsomeCord playground got introduced in the latest update. Users can now play several multi-and singleplayer games to fulfill their gaming needs! This all comes with a bound and secure in-game currency system.


Colorful presence

AwsomeCord also comes with many colorful functions. If a command is used, it will show a colorful embed with many changing vibrant colors. It also provides fun and colorful gifs/images, which will make your server less boring-looking.

24/7 hosted and maintained

Our team is hosting the bot 24/7 on a VPS. This means that the bot will always be online and that you will not have to worry for not-working commands. AwsomeCord is also watched 24/7 on bugs/errors. All the commands are tested each day and in case of bugs they will be fixed as soon as possible.


What do they say?

These are honest testimonials of past AwsomeCord users and customers. They all have been using AwsomeCord for a minimum of 2 weeks and were asked to leave a honest review.

Seller is honest with their work and is more than willing to fix up any problems that you may have with the order. Delivery was quicker than the scheduled delivery time and the seller nicely explained the instructions in order to have the bot up and running! Would highly recommend!


Past Costumer

Works fast and proficient to provide the best work possible, He will challenge himself even depending on the task, overall he knows his stuff and can get the job done :) I am satisfied!


Past costumer

I recommend this person. Very professional and attentive to my needs. I will go through him for my next order and I invite you to do the same.


Past Costumer

Donation Plans

As told before, AwsomeCord is completely free to use! However, we are hosting and maintaining the bot for no income while we still pay for infrastructure and hosting. If you want, you can donate to the project on this tab! After payment, add a note with your name and our support team will reach out to you as soon as possible to hand out the premium functions corresponding to your selected plan!


$ 5 One-time payment
  • Donator level 1 tag
  • Access to AwsomeCord donator channels
  • 24/7 hosting
  • 24/7 help
  • Premium commands
  • AwsomeCord premium bot
  • Custom bot for your own server
  • 24/7 DDOS protection


$ 10 One-time payment
  • All starter 1 perks +
  • Donator level 1 role
  • Donator level 2 role
  • Donator chat access
  • Premium commands for your server
  • 1 custom, private made bot for your own server!
  • Supreme AwsomeCord rank
  • Own free VPS hosting on our company name
  • 1 custom made bot + website for your own server
  • Fastest support and help. No waiting lines
  • 24/7 DDOS protection


$ 20 One-time payment
  • All starter 1 and 2 perks +
  • AwsomeCord premium (commands and bot)
  • Donator chat access
  • Free VPS hosting for your projects
  • 1 private and custom made Discord bot
  • 1 private and custom made website
  • 24/7 DDOS protection
  • 24/7 fastest support. No waiting lines.
  • 24/7 Security
  • AwsomeCord legend donator rank AwsomeCord statistics. Click on the chart to enter our official page!

Awsome Team

This is our Awsome Team that help with coding, customers, projects and more! We are all working together as a team to provide you the best AwsomeCord can bring!

Sarah Johnson

Javascript + Python programmer.

Bilal Akdidach (Awsome)

Proud CEO of Awsome Discord Team + Javascript coder.

William Anderson

Full stack developer.

Emma Bailey

24/7 Support help-attendant.

Amanda Jepson

HTML + Database programmer.

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